and those in surrounding areas

Gone....but not forgotten.

Gone are the living, but the dead remain,
And not neglected; for a hand unseen,
Scattering its bounty like a summer rain,
Still keeps their graves and their remembrance green.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's Epitaph

Due to the increasing vandalism of cemeteries, I am committed to preserving a lasting record of the stones and making sure that our ancestors are remembered for generations to come.

These databases are extremely time-consuming to compile.  Given that I am compiling data from every possible source, these records will be the most complete ever done in Yuba.  Although it may be tempting for persons to use this data in a commercial manner or for personal or organizational gain, I strongly advise against it for legal reasons.  My work will remain free to the public for their personal research in their family lines, obtainable from this site. 

Contributors to Find-A-Grave have been unethically stealing these cemetery databases - primarily "Beca" and Michael Harrington. (Marysville Jewish, Berry Creek/Lake Madrone, Wheatland)  If you see any other copyright violations, please contact me - yubaroots@gmail.com

None of the databases contained on these pages are donated or shared with any paid subscriptions sites, religious organizations or groups, nor any other organizations or persons.  The cemetery lists found on this site are original compilations and under no circumstances, are to be copied, reproduced or used without my express permission and consent in writing.   Unless I mention permission given on this page, NO ONE has obtained consent from me or the other contributors.  If you see any violations of this, please contact Kathy.

I have compiled a comprehensive death index for the County.  It is also updated as I have time.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  I have not come across any of the Yuba Cemetery Districts who have totally complete records of burials.  Records have been lost or taken by persons who have had charge of the cemeteries - and that holds true even for recent times.  For the cemeteries that are listed below not in Yuba County, I have primarily recorded only visible stones.  You will need to contact those Counties to get lookups done for those persons not listed.

Kathy - yubaroots@gmail.com

Blog for historic cemeteries in Yuba County - http://historicyubacountycemeteries.blogspot.com

 Bangor Cemetery - Butte Co. - 583 listings INDEX PHOTOS  
 Berry Creek Cemetery (aka Lake Madrone Cemetery) - Butte Co. - 82 listings INDEX PHOTOS  
 Bidwell Bar Cemetery - Butte Co. INDEX    
 Brandy City Cemetery - Sierra Co. - 13 listings INDEX PHOTOS  
 Browns Valley Cemetery  - 592 listings - updated Jul 2007 INDEX PHOTOS


 Brownsville (Evergreen) Cemetery - 1168 listings - updated July 2007 INDEX PHOTOS


 Cabbage Patch (Waldo) Cemetery - 5 listings INDEX PHOTOS  
 Calvary / Lopes Cemetery - 5 listings INDEX PHOTOS  
 Camp Far West Cemetery - 5 listings INDEX    
 Camptonville Cemetery - 549 listings - updated July 2007 INDEX PHOTOS  
 Cherokee Cemetery - Butte Co. INDEX PHOTOS  
 Chinese-American Cemetery - Wheatland - no burials, information only INFO    
 Clayton Ranch - near Brownsville - 1 listing INDEX PHOTOS  
 Dobbins Keystone (Indiana Ranch) Cemetery - 1049 listings - updated July 2007 INDEX PHOTOS  
 Dobbins Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery - 74 listings - updated July 2005 INDEX PHOTOS  
 Fairview Cemetery - near Nicolaus, Sutter Co. - 722 listings INDEX    
 Farmer's Field - Rio Oso - Sutter Co. - 2 listings INDEX    
 Forbestown - Butte Co. - 314 listings - updated July 2007 INDEX PHOTOS  
 Forest Ranch - above Strawberry Valley - 10 listings INDEX    
 Foss Cemetery - 13 listings - updated July 2007 INDEX PHOTOS  
 Godfrey Ranch - 3 listings INDEX    
 Hamilton Cemetery - Butte Co. - 11 listings INDEX PHOTOS  
 Hanson Family Cemetery - 4 listings INDEX    
 Honcut Cemetery - Butte Co. - 242 listings INDEX    
 Hunter Cemetery - Sutter Co.- 2 listings INDEX PHOTOS  
 Hurleton Cemetery - Butte Co. - 101 listings INDEX PHOTOS  
 Khord Cemetery - 1 listing with photos INDEX PHOTOS  
 Kneebone Cemetery - Nevada Co. - 11 listings INDEX PHOTOS  
 Kuster Family Cemetery - 8 listings INDEX    
 LaPorte Cemetery     MAP
 Lofton Cemetery - 176 listings - updated Jul 2007 INDEX PHOTOS


 Long Bar Cemeteries - 3 listings INDEX PHOTOS  
 Marysville City Cemetery - Descendants contact yubaroots@gmail.com    All of the research, documentation, mapping, and files compiled since 2000 will only be available by request and lookups at this time.  Databases include extensive research on EVERY aspect of this historic cemetery.    


 Marysville Jewish Cemetery - 69 listings - updated Sept. 2008 INDEX PHOTOS  
 Meridian Cemetery - Sutter Co. - 927 listings - updated Sept 2006 INDEX PHOTOS  
 Methuen Family Cemetery - 4 listings INDEX    
 Misc. Small Cemeteries - Butte Co. INDEX    
 Mooretown (Feather Falls) Cemetery - Butte Co. - 158 listings INDEX PHOTOS  
 Morristown Cemetery - Sierra Co. - 5 listings INDEX PHOTOS  
 Noyesburg Cemetery - Sutter Co. - 107 listings INDEX PHOTOS  
 Oroville Jewish Cemetery - Butte Co. - 128 listings INDEX PHOTOS  
 Peoria Memorial Park Cemetery - 983 listings - updated Jul 2007 INDEX PHOTOS  
 Pennington Cemetery - Sutter Co. INDEX PHOTOS  
 Scales Cemetery - 11 listings INDEX    
 Sierra View Memorial Park  This is an active private cemetery which opened and had it's first burial on Sep. 20, 1928 - being Mr. Ed Lewis (see obituaries).   Some older markers will be found here of persons moved from historic cemeteries to this site.  - - - Sierra View Memorial Park - 4900 Olive Avenue - Olivehurst, CA  95961-4767 - 530-742-6957 BURIALS   MAP
 Smartsville Catholic Cemetery- 405 listings - updated July 2007 INDEX PHOTOS  
 Smartsville Fraternal (Masonic) Cemetery - 538 listings - updated July 2005 INDEX PHOTOS  
 Smartsville McGanney Family Cemetery Feb. 2005 INDEX PHOTOS  
 Smartsville Pioneer Cemetery - 14 listings INDEX PHOTOS  
 St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery - 1813 listings - updated Sept 2008 INDEX PHOTOS  
 Stohlman Cemetery - Sutter Co. - 25 names INDEX PHOTOS  
 Strawberry Valley Cemetery - 285 listings - updated Nov. 2010 INDEX PHOTOS


 Sutter Cemetery - Sutter Co. - 16,156 listings - updated Mar. 2006 INDEX    
 Swiss Bar? - Yuba County - 3 listings, 2 photos INDEX PHOTOS  
 Thermolito I.O.O.F. - Butte Co.- 196 listings - added Apr 2008 INDEX    
 Timbuctoo Cemetery - 87 listings - updated Dec 2008 INDEX PHOTOS  
 Upham Cemetery - Butte Co. - 525 listings - updated Feb. 2006 INDEX PHOTOS  
 Veteran Memorial Page INDEX    
 Vineyard Family Cemetery - 9 listings - updated July 2005 INDEX    
 Wheatland Cemetery- 2,202 listings - updated Nov. 2008 INDEX PHOTOS


 Yuba City Cemetery - Sutter Co. - 1451 listings - Feb 2008 INDEX PHOTOS MAP


A very special thank you to the Yuba Feather Museum in Forbestown for sharing the vast amount of research compiled by James Lague, historian, which has been shared with this site.  We can never thank you all enough for your generosity.

Part of genealogy is searching other than the most obvious Counties.  As we find burials of Yuba County residents who are listed in cemeteries for surrounding areas, we will include them here.  If you have any you would like to add, please email Kathy.

Some persons will have stones/markers in cemeteries but will not actually be buried there.  They may have a memorial stone in Yuba County for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes they say "In Memory Of", but not always.

Many cemeteries are now "closed".   This means that if you have purchased a plot already, have family members buried there, or live inside that cemetery district you may be buried there.  Otherwise, the majority of the deaths occurring in this County are buried at Sierra View Memorial Park. 

Lives are commemorated deaths are recorded families are reunited memories are made tangible and love is undisguised. This is a cemetery.
Communities accord respect, families bestow reverence, historians seek information and our heritage is thereby enriched.
Testimonies of devotion, pride and remembrance are carved in stone or cast in bronze to pay warm tribute to accomplishments and to the life - not death - of a loved one. The cemetery is homeland for family memorials that are a sustaining source of comfort to the living.
A cemetery is a history of people - a perpetual record of yesterday and a sanctuary of peace and quiet today.
A cemetery exists because every life is worth loving and remembering - always.

- Author Unknown



There are several websites which provide conversions, but if you are away from a computer and wish to figure out the date of birth from date of death, here is the formula to use:  Example - Died May 6, 1889, age 71 years, 7 months and 9 days - 18890506 (subtract) 710709 (equals) 18179797, then subtract 8870 (always use this number), equals 18170927, which would equal a birth date of 27 Sep 1817.  This formula is based on a 30 day month.


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