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The REAL gold found in Yuba County was not that which the 49ers rushed to find in the hills and streams of California.    That form of gold was a source of frustration for many newcomers, who risked their very lives by land and water to seek out an elusive fortune in the Golden West.  Many perished on their journey or were not recorded in our history, and we may never know of their final resting place.

But...those who survived and persevered found a place to call home, and they  are the golden threads that make up our history.  We owe much gratitude to those who sacrificed for us, as they blazed a trail in every step of their lives.  No person was insignificant or of less value in our growth; each leaving their own special mark on the valleys and foothills of Yuba County.

As I walk the cemeteries and document what I am able to in the records I find, I consciously strive to uphold the words printed on many stones:  Gone, but not forgotten.  I will do all I can to help preserve our past so that it will be available for future generations who seek to know their Yuba roots.

In all of my endeavors, I will strive to give the public the very highest standards in regard to ethics, quality, integrity, a commitment to research, and freely sharing the history and genealogy that I seek to preserve.  It is my honor to share with you the most precious gift Yuba has to offer - its history.


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